Terms & Conditions

Additional information about Wonderlust

Article 1: Introductory provisions

1. These terms & conditions shall apply:

A: Wonderlust: A General Partnership, registered in the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce in Groningen under number 55 95 45 02. The company is based in Hoogeveen, Pesserstraat 10, 7901 LC (not a visting address) and is using the trade name Wonderlust. Wonderlust acts as a travel agent. Wonderlust is not an operator and offers trips & activities of third parties.

B. Traveler: One of the participants on a trip or activity. Underage participants are the responsibility of the person who made the booking.

C. The booker: The person who accepts an offer of Wonderlust and thus enters into a travel agreement.

D. Operator: The party that actually carries out the trip.

E. Travel Agreement means an agreement whereby Wonderlust is committed to providing a travel package offered by the travel agent to the The booker for an activity or an overnight stay or a period of more than 24 hours trip.

F. Own transport to travel: All offered trips and activities are excluding transport to our from the place of execution unless otherwise is indicated.

G. Working days are Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

2. These terms & conditions apply to all travel contracts

Article 2: Formation and content agreement

1. The contract is concluded as soon as the the booker accepts an offer of Wonderlust. This can be done via the website, phone, in person and/or by email.

2. Following completion of the agreement the the booker receives a confirmation in the form of the bill as soon as possible.

3. All offers between Wonderlust and the booker are not binding and can be revoked in exceptional cases within one week after the conclusion of the agreement by Wonderlust or the operator. In such a case Wonderlust will motivate why they can not fulfil their offer. Circumstances in which it could happen could be the following: a mid-price increase of one or more parts of the journey, an error in the calculation of the fare or a force majeure.

4. Wonderlust has the right to terminate a contract if the number of applications in a minimum quota based service, such as in an open trip or activity, is less than the required pre-specified minimum by the operator. Such denunciation shall be made in writing within the above pre-term specified by Wonderlust.

5. Before or at the latest at the conclusion of the agreement, the booker has to provide any information about himself or herself and fellow travelers that may be of interest for the operator. For example, pregnancy, disability or illness, allergies etc. In the event the booker herein fails, all resulting costs will be for his / account, including any cancellation fees.

6. The booker is liable for all obligations under the agreement. Both the communications and payments between the passengers notified by the booker and Wonderlust communicate through the main booker. The other passenger (s) is / are liable for his / her / part.

7. Publications of Wonderlust on the agreed travel are part of the agreement. If parts of such publications are contrary to the terms and conditions, the most favorable provisions are being made for the traveler.

8. Obvious errors and mistakes are not binding for Wonderlust. Such errors and mistakes are – from the perspective of the average traveler – easily recognized.

9. If exceptions to medical or other reasons additions are required to the tours offered by Wonderlust (medical or other essences), the travel agent will make a genuine effort to give effect to these decisions, unless it is unreasonable. Extra costs – both in time is money – will be charged.

10. Wonderlust is not responsible for websites and other third-party media.

Article 3: Payment

1. Following the conclusion of the agreement and the receipt of the invoice, the full amount must be paid via the booking system of Wonderlust.

2. If not paid in time both the booker and the passenger (s) are in default. The booker will receive a notice from Wonderlust and has still the possibility to pay the outstanding amount within 7 working days of sending email. If no payment is made, the contract is deemed to be canceled on the day of default.
Wonderlust has the right to charge the cancellation costs. In such case the provisions of Article 9 shall apply.

Article 4: Published Rates

1. The published rates are per person unless otherwise indicated. The sum includes only what is described in the publication.

2. The amount of the fare is based on the prices, exchange rates, levies and taxes, as they are known by Wonderlust at the time of publication i.e. the release of the quote.

3. Before the entire sum is paid, Wonderlust has the right to increase the rates in response to changes in transport costs, taxes, fees and exchange rates.

4. Until 20 days before the departure date c.q. the first booked accommodation, Wonderlust, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, has the right to increase the price.

A: An increase in taxes or charges, or

B: Extreme increase in transport.

5. The passenger has the right to dismiss the new trip or activity within three working days of receiving the notice on the increase as referred to in paragraphs 3 and 4

6. If the passenger refuses the price increase, Wonderlust has the right to terminate the agreement that was provided. Wonderlust does so within 7 days of receipt of the rejection sent by the traveler. In this case, the traveler is entitled to remission or immediate restitution of the payment and Articles 10, 11 and 12 do not apply.

6. The base currency for payments using Wonderlust is in EURO. Rates displayed in other currencies are intended for convenience only.

Article 5: Information

1. The traveler is responsible for obtaining any necessary additional information and also to check before departure whether the previously obtained information has not changed. For example, visas and any health formalities

2. If the traveler is not able to continue the trip or activity(entirely) due to the lack of any document, all resulting consequences will be for his account.

3. The traveler is responsible for having the required documents. For example the travel documents, a passport that meets all the requisite validity and any required visas, driver’s license, proof of vaccinations, immunizations and the like.

4. The traveler is responsible for the cancellation insurance and travel insurance unless stated otherwise.

Article 6: Travel Documents

1. Wonderlust provides the necessary travel documents no later than 10 days before the departure date c.q. the first booked accommodation of the passenger, unless this can not reasonably be demanded.

2. If the traveler no later than 5 working days before departure have not received the travel documents, he promptly informs Wonderlust.

3. If a trip is booked within 5 working days before the departure date, Wonderlust, after payment, as soon as is reasonably possible will provide the necessary travel documents. The travel documents will be latest in the possession of the traveler before arriving.

4. If the traveler has not received the travel documents, he promptly informs Wonderlust.

Article 7: Changes by the traveler

1. The traveler can ask the tour operator or Wonderlust travel agent to make a change after conclusion of the agreement. In this case the tour operator or Wonderlust will apply the desired change as soon as possible and submits an offer to realize the changes. If the traveler accepts the offer, the costs of these changes has to be paid within 2 working days.

2. If the desired change are not possible, Wonderlust will notify the traveler with a motivation why the desired change is not possible and will give its best effort to come up with a solution.

3. If the traveler does not wish to accept the offer or the desired change is not possible, the traveler can maintain the original agreement or cancel the trip. In the last case, Article 9 shall apply. In the absence of a response from the traveler to the rejection of his / her request or at the quotation, the original agreement is executed.

4. Amendments to the departure or reduction of the number of participants is considered as a (partial) cancellation where Article 9 applies.

Article 8: The substitution

1. Before the departure date, a passenger may be replaced by another. The following conditions apply:

A. The other one fulfills all the conditions attached to the agreement.

B. The application shall be submitted no later than 5 working days prior to departure;

C. The tour operator in involved do not oppose.

2. The booker, the traveler and the person who replaces him / her are severally liable Wonderlust for the payment of the outstanding part of the fare, the change fee referred to in Article 7 paragraph 1 and any additional costs resulting from the substitution.

Article 9: Cancellation by the traveler

1. All trips offered by Wonderlust are refundable after cancellation within 7 days after the confirmation. Wonderlust uses 100% cancellation fee on all products after the 7 days. The traveler is therefore advisable to always take out cancellation insurance. The possibility of changing the dates and the related expenses charged depend on the operator. The possibility of change is always subject to availability.
If the trips takes place within 7 days after booking confirmation it is not possible cancel the trip without a penalty.

2. The traveler who cancels a trip after 7 days, is obliged to pay the penalty in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraphs.

3. The cancellation of a contract by one or more travelers who jointly participate in a day trip and / or a complete trip the full price will be divided amongst the other travelers.

4. Cancellation on a day which is not a business day to have to be made on the next business day.

5. All cancellations within 7 days are refunded within 7 days.

Article 10: Termination by Wonderlust and / or operator

1. Wonderlust and the operator have the right to terminate the agreement due to significant circumstances. Weighty circumstances are circumstances that further alignment of Wonderlust offers can not reasonably be expected.

2. If the cause of the cancellation can be attributed to the traveler, the resulting costs are on behalf of the traveler.

3. If the cause of the cancellation is attributable to the operator, the resulting cast are on behalf of the operator. Whether this is the case, is determined on the terms of article 12.

4. If the cause of the cancellation is neither to blame to the passenger nor the tour operator or to Wonderlust, each party bears its own damages as specified in Article 13, paragraph 3.

Article 11: Modification by Wonderlust / operator

1. Wonderlust has the right to change the agreed service due to significant circumstances as defined in Article 10, paragraph 2. Wonderlust notifies the amendment to the passenger within 3 working days after Wonderlust has been informed by the operator of the operator. From 10 days before departure date c.q. the first booked accommodation, Wonderlust notifies the change within one business day. Simultaneously with the communication of the change Wonderlust is doing, if possible, an alternative offer, which is at least equivalent.

2. If the change relates to one or more essential points, the traveler can reject the change.

3. The traveler exercises his right to reject the change or alternative offer, this should be within 3 working days after receiving the notice on the change. From 10 days before departure c.q. the arrival of the first booked accommodation, the applicable term of one business day.

4. If the traveler refuses to accept the change or the alternative offer, Wonderlust has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect within three working days of receiving the rejection. The passenger in that case be entitled to remission or refund of the total price (or, if the trip has already been executed, proportionate part of the price.

5. If the cause of the change is due to Wonderlust, is the resulting in to costs for the traveler, Wonderlust will do a refund. Whether this is the case, is determined on the basis of article 12.

6. If the cause of the change is due to the traveler, the resulting costs are on behalf of the traveler.

7. If the cause of the change is not due to the traveler nor Wonderlust, each party bears its own costs as specified in Article 13, paragraph 3.

8. If a significant part of the services to which the contract relates can not continue during the trip itself Wonderlust ensures that appropriate alternative arrangements are made. For the costs of Article 13, paragraph 3.

Article 12: Liability and force majeure

1. Subject to the provisions of Articles 10 and 11 Wonderlust is required to execute the agreement in accordance with the expectations that the passenger under the agreement could reasonably have.

2. If the trip is not in accordance with expectations, Wonderlust / the operator is required to compensate the possible damages to the passenger, unless the failure is not to blame to Wonderlust because:

A. The deficiency in the execution of the contract is accountable to the passenger, or

B. The deficiency in the implementation of the agreement could not be foreseen or could not be remedied and is attributable to a third party unconnected with the provision of the services included in the travel, or

C. The failure in the execution of the agreement is due to an event that Wonderlust or operator could not foresee, or

D. The failure in the implementation of the agreement due to force majeure as referred to in paragraph 3 of this Article.

3. Force majeure means unusual and unforeseeable circumstances and effects that could not be avoided.

Article 13: Support and assistance

1. Wonderlust is obliged to give the traveler support and assistance if the trip fails to meet the expectations that under the agreement could have been reasonably.

2. If the cause of the passenger is attributable, Wonderlust is only obliged to provide support and assistance to the extent it can reasonably be expected. The cost are in this case for the traveler.

Article 14: Obligations of the traveler

1. The passenger is obliged to comply with all the instructions of Wonderlust or the operator in able to receive the proper execution of the trip and is liable for damages caused by his / her unlawful conduct.

2. The traveler who causes such nuisance or trouble or which directly leads to devaluation of a travel package may to be excluded from the trip.

3. Any resulting costs are for the traveler and insofar as the consequences of the nuisance or trouble him / her can be attributed. If the cause of the exclusion can not be attributed to the traveler, a (partly)refund of the price is granted to him.

Article 15: Complaints

1. A failure in the implementation of the agreement referred to in Article 12 paragraph 2 is to be reported as soon as possible in order to search for a solution. Either to Wonderlust or the operator.

2. Wonderlust will provide information in the travel documents concerning the procedure, contact information and accessibility of those involved.

3. If the traveler has not complied with reporting and complaint reporting and the operator concerned and / or Wonderlust result, not given an opportunity to rectify the shortcoming, the right may be limited or excluded in damages.

4. If a complaint is not resolved by the operator, the complaint be received by Wonderlust within 1 month after the trip or activity.

5. Wonderlust will later than 1 month after receipt of the complaint, give a substantive response.