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Why the media is responsible for the fall of tourism in Bali after the Agung eruption

Every volcano eruption is dangerous and should be taken seriously. But what makes the media decide to write about these eruptions or not? It looks like there is something special going on in Bali but the fact is that in Indonesia every year multiple volcanos erupt. Do you read anything about these eruptions? No, do you know why?


Jasper Kuizenga


It’s because of the foreign media who wants to sell news and exciting articles, especially when their nationality is presented in the area.

In September newspapers all around the world wrote that it was just a matter of hours before Gunung Agung would erupt. People should evacuate the island and Bali wasn’t safe anymore. The fact was that it wasn’t safe inside the 9 till 12 kilometer range from the volcano. The local authorities evacuated the people inside the 12 kilometer range but did mention that Bali was still safe for tourists.

90% of the tourists are located more than 50 kilometers away from the danger zone. The local people close to the volcano are still working on their land and children close to the danger zone are still going to school. The local authorities provided everyone the right information, took the right precautions and did not create chaos. Together they collect money to take care of the people who had to evacuate from their houses and the local authorities kept everything safe and under control.

Please tell me why tourist at 50 kilometers distance should leave the island? Yes, there is an active volcano and yes maybe it will erupt. (I know it already erupted but that wasn’t worth the big attention)
But at distance it isn’t that dangerous. Hopefully all the kind local people close to the volcano and the beautiful temples will be safe when there will be an eruption.

And about the ash: We all know its dangerous but why are the local people not complaining at 15 kilometers from the crater and tourist at 50 kilometers shouldn’t take a shower and need to contact their travel agency to reschedule their flights? People from outside should know that Bali isn’t that small and that right now people are still laying down at the beaches.

Yes, it sucks if your flight to or from Bali has been cancelled but it doesn’t kill you. When you really need to leave or arrive at the island you can easily depart or arrive through Surabaya and take the bus to Bali. But most of us spoiled people are complaining about that option as well. They don’t want the hassle and prefer to complain about their situation at the airline and media. It’s nature people! Since September all professional geologists and media are informing their readers wrong about the situation of the Gunung Agung. In fact, there was a volcano in Sumatra which erupted and left people homeless behind but not one newspaper had picked up that news. Right now the weather in central Java is extreme and houses are dragged in to rivers but again …. nothing.

Day after day foreign media reported about the danger of Gunung Agung and scared people in Bali and the ones who had plans to visit it. Actually nothing happened for about 1,5 months and thanks to the media tourists stayed away and the local people, hotels and resorts are losing money….

Note: Written from Denpasar, Bali
The most important thing is that everyone is and stays safe but don’t create fear and danger above reality.

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