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Internship at Wonderlust Travel

One month ago was finally the day that I left my hometown and travelled all the way to Asia. My biggest adventure ever was getting started.


Fleur Timmerman


On Sunday evening 27th August I arrived at the airport in Bali. After I went through customs and found my luggage, I went to the arrivals hall. From the moment you step outside the airport you immediately feel the warmth, the scents and you can taste the atmosphere of Indonesia. Welcome to Bali! I immediately got so much impressions of  Indonesia and it felt right as I remembered Bali from almost 10 years ago.

The first week in Bali, I was mainly acclimatizing and exploring Bali. I have visited many beautiful places and I did some fun things with other dutch students who are also here for their internships. But after a week it was time to do were I came for: My internship at Wonderlust Travel. In the first few weeks I was getting used to my internship at Wonderlust Travel. Getting used to my colleagues, getting used to my assignments and of course getting used to the Bali life. I also had some small startup problems my laptop crasht and I had been sick for a few days. But now I’m used to my life here and everything is going well. I’m busy working on my tasks for Wonderlust.

For example in the past weeks, I have been busy with social media, business cards, shirts and infographics for my final assignment: Making a marketing communication plan for new trips. The first trial of this trip will take place in a few months. The assignments I’m working on are so interesting and I can learn so much from my colleagues. There is still a lot of work to do before the trip but fortunately I have a couple of months to work on it. I also have weekly assignments those will be depend on the weekly developments. I  have also work to do for my school assignments so I definitely have enough to do in the coming months.

I work mostly in the office of Wonderlust Travel, the office is a kind of open space in the building with a view of the bright blue sky and a swimming pool. That is certainly not bad, not bad at all. In the coming months, I’m lucky enough to develop me also outside the office, so I will attend on meetings and visiting hosts.

In the weekends, I have all the time to discover beautiful Bali. It is unbelievable how many beautiful places are here ready to be discovered. I still have a lot of places on my bucket list that I want to discover in the coming months. The local people made the biggest impression on me. The local people are so sweet, extremely helpful and moreover very sincere. The people here are happy with so little and can genuinely enjoy the smallest things. My first month in Bali is already fantastic. It’s very special to do my internship in beautiful Indonesia and I’m sure to discover and learn more!



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