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Gili T for the weekend

In addition to my internship at Wonderlust, I also came to Bali to discover Indonesia. Last weekend I made a trip to the Gili's with my roommates. Because sometimes you want to escape the larger Indonesian islands and it's nice to go out for a while. The Gili's seemed a nice paradise for us to spend the weekend.


Fleur Timmerman


After we decided Gili was a good destination for us, we were looking for a nice accomodation. We found a nice place to stay overnight, we had chosen a cozy hotel. There are lots of accomadations available at the Gilis. You have hostels, hotels and villas with different prices ranges, there is something suitable for everyone.

The Gili islands are only accessible by boat, but the boattrip is short and beautiful. You can take a fast or slow boat whatever you’ll like. We had chosen the fast boat and this sounded good. Within 2 hours on the boat we arrived at the Gili’s and wow the views were pretty amazing. There are three Gili islands, and all three are suitable for another target group. We had chosen Gili Trawangan, this is the largest and crowded island. At Gili T you have a lot of shops, restaurants and bars to go well.

Gili T is definitely recommended, next time when I come back I would like to visit the other Gili’s. Gili Air is famous for snorkeling, there are many different types of fish. You also have more local people here and that’s makes me very excited because then you can really taste the atmosphere. Gili Meno is known as the ‘love birds’ island, it is also quieter here but nature is really beautiful.

At Gili T we had great time on the beach, the water is really clear and hot. We snorkeled and wow the underwater world is really beautiful. Also we have cycled around the island, you can hire cycles everywhere and it is easy way to transport yourself. You can choose to ride a horse and car around the island aswell, you really get them everywhere! It’s also funny that there are no scooters / cars on the Gili’s it’s all a bit more primitive and that really gave a nice atmosphere. We also enjoyed a partyboat along different islands, this was also a very nice experience. In the evening we have eaten in different delicious restaurants. Fresh fish from the barbecque and your feet in the sand, that’s a very good combination. Also there are several nice bars to find, the nights at Gili T are one big party!

I enjoyed my weekend at paradise Gili T and I hope I will discover more beautiful places in Indonesia in the coming months!

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