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6 reasons why backpackers in Indonesia should visit Nusa Tenggara.

Backpacking in Asia is ridiculous popular at the moment. People from all over the world are heading towards Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Denpasar or Kuala Lumpur to start their promising trip from.


Jasper Kuizenga


I will always stimulate people to do so and experience the unique cultures in the different Asian countries. Despite the fact that I encourage everyone to go and witness these cultures I’m surprised by the fact that the group of real adventurous backpackers isn’t so big. Around 80% of the backpackers choose the same destinations and take the same pictures at the same hotspots everyone is going.

Bali is one of worlds most famous islands and because of that it is not a place for backpackers actually. In my opinion backpacking is traveling to unknown places and looking for adventure. Bali is beautiful and the people are extremely nice but for backpackers it should be a stopover. Enjoy the luxury for a few days, get some western food, visit Nusa Penida and move on.

Nusa Tenggara accommodates some unique places for backpackers.

Hike to the summit of Gunung Rinjani in Lombok
Although its getting more popular among backpackers this place is still unique. You can start hiking form Senaru or Sembalun in the north part of the island. It will take a few days to see everything and reach the top but it is extremely adventurous. You will sleep in tents, visit beautiful waterfalls, relax in hot springs and be surprised by the amazing sceneries around Segara Anak.

Camp on an abandoned Island in Sumbawa

You can find Pulau Kenawa in West Sumbawa just a few kilometer from the harbor. You can take the ferry from Lombok to Sumbawa and ask a local fisherman to bring you to Kenawa Island. Make sure he will pick you up the next day otherwise you will be stuck on the island for a few days maybe. From the hill on the island you will have an amazing view. You will feel like Robinson Crusoe at this beautiful small island. Make sure you bring camping gear, water and food to get to the next day comfortable.

Enjoy the variety of animal species on Mojo Island in Sumbawa

North of central Sumbawa you will find this unique island. It has a nature reserve with wild oxen, deer, wild boars and a great variety of bird species. Visits are best made in its dry season; June, July and August.
The island is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs and home to wild pigs, monitor lizards, 21 species of bats, huge herds of native deer and hordes of crab-eating macaques. The islands consist of around 21 villages, has a beautiful coastline and amazing views of Mount Tambora in the east.

Visit National Park Tambora

The Tambora Volcano is the highest peak in Sumbawa and you will spot in from any place in Sumbawa if the sky is clear. The eruption in 1815 is the largest volcano eruption in recorded history, it killed over 100.000 people and caused a climate cooling in 1816. Mount Tambora is still little known comparing with other volcanoes in Indonesia. Actually the trip and the scenery is amazing. For backpackers it will be an amazing adventure to hike around in this area. Because its not famous yet, it is quite cheap to get there and rent some equipment. You need to reach the village of Pancasila to start your trip and there will be enough local support to make it to the summit.

Amazing scenery from Pulau Padar in Komodo National park

While everyone is heading to see the amazing Komodo Dragon you should not forget to visit Pulau Padar. Pulau Padar is not far from Komodo island but it’s a must see when you are in that area. The small hike up is totally worth the effort and you will be surprised by the view. When back down don’t forget to take a swim in its crystal clear water to refresh and recover from the short hike.

Witness the wonders of National Park Kelimutu in Flores

Mount Kelimutu is famous because of its three colored crater lakes. Probably this is the most amazing natural hotspot for backpackers in Flores. Local people say the area is haunted because the lakes have changed their color over the years. The scenery around this mountain is splendid and worth the effort to get there. Not many backpackers go all the way to this National Park but actually they should.

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  1. Great information and beautiful places! Maybe it is an idea to write something about the culture/population too. For example, in Flores, it is interesting to visit the village ‘Wae Rebo’ because of the Manggarai! It is a unique opportunity to experience the daily life of the Manggarai and to see their traditional circular housing!

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