Change the life of a disabled kid

Help the disabled children in need in Indonesia, where these kids are hardly accepted by the society and the communities.

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Please don’t close your eyes!

While traveling and enjoying the beauty of Indonesia you will face a lot of poverty. Especially in the east part of the country you will find a lot of people who are living in bad conditions. For us and many other travelers it’s hard to witness the condition some children live in. We all know it’s difficult to help them all but we can do something. Especially the children who don’t have a life because of some inborn disability got our attention. Most of the disabilities are life threatening but can be overcome by surgery in one of Indonesians higher regarded hospital.

Why do we need your help?

In some of the Indonesian Islands they believe the children had lived a certain bad live before and that’s why they are disabled now. Without help children with an open palate for example, cannot live and will die at a young age. At most of the Islands the families are poor and don’t have any money to help their children if they even want to. Besides that, on most of the Islands there is no Hospital which can perform or carry out the needed surgery.

But the surgery most of the time is not that difficult and hospitals in Bali, Surabaya or Jakarta can do it easily. It means that with the money we can give children a new life and chance in the society.  They can achieve something in their life and play a role in the society.

Flying 2 kids to Bali for a medical surgery that will help them for the rest of their lives.


What do we need?

The money will be use for the whole traject, which means from scouting in the beginning till the flight back to the Island of origin after the surgery. Sometimes the children stay for more than six months at the place of surgery because of the recovery and check-up. The length of stay depends on the situation of the kid and the needed surgeries, it varies from 1 to 7 months.

With the money we can:

  1. Scout the children in developing islands.
  2. Pay for the flight to Bali and arrange accommodation (kid and caretaker)
  3. Pay for daily food.
  4. Pay for the first check in hospital
  5. Pay for the surgery
  6. Pay for the second check in hospital
  7. Take care of the recovery
  8. Arrange the flight black to place of origin.

The Impact

Can you imagine having an open palate and never be able to eat, drink and talk normally? Children born with this disease can not join the society and communities besides that, their parents are hiding them from the outside out of shame. The children will die at a young age because they can not live without help.

We can help these children and give them the opportunity to have a normal life everyone deserves.

Look at these pictures; these kids were lucky having a sponsor who paid for the surgery and they can have a normal life from now on. Lets help as many kids as we can


About the organisation

Kolewa Foundation uses field partners in Bali, Sumba, Rote, Sumbawa and Flores to find children with a disability. After scouting the children the foundation tries to find sponsors to help paying for the transport to Bali or Jakarta, the medical treatment, surgery, accommodation and rehabilitation.

Founded in January 2007 and having domicile in Alphen aan den Rijn the Netherlands, is a non-governmental organization based in the Netherlands & Indonesia and is working for a better life of the Indonesian needy children.
The two main activities can be categorized by scouting children with cleft lip and palate, clubfeet, heavy burns and eye disabilities on Rote, Sumba, Flores and Sumbawa and transporting them for surgery to Jakarta or Bali.

Furthermore, training the hearing impaired children in Denpasar, Bali, in order for them to provide chances for a better life and normal schooling.

The goal is to work towards a better future for children and older people with disabilities!

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  • How can I donate money to this project?

    You can choose the amount of money you want to donate for this project when purchasing a trip or by donating directly.

  • Can I donate money for this project without booking a trip through Wonderlust?

    Of course you can! You can easily donate money by using our Paypal account. Select your favourite project and feel free to donate any amount.

  • How do you choose your projects?

    We screen every foundation to make sure the money is going to the right place. We also have close contact with all our foundations to see the progress of the particular project.

  • How do you choose the amount of money you want to raise for one project?

    In consultation with the particular foundation we pick the amount of money we want to raise. We never donate just an amount of money to a foundation. We always discuss what they need and how much it will cost. (Example: Collect money for the surgery of 3 children or animals, or calculate the money which is needed for a new classroom or library.)